Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Jonah has been doing great with the dogwalk, so today I set up a 180 degree turn at the end (like a tunnel flip would be, except it's wet so I didn't want to use a tunnel and used a jump instead).  Well, our first repetition was almost straight on and when Jonah got to the DW he almost slipped right off.  Time for a change of plan.

In fact, every time over the dw he was slipping.  He was more hesitant about really striding down, and once he actually lept.  I think he just wanted off.  So, in the end it was a straight and 'easy' session (were it not for the rain), but I think good practice to make it a little more physically challenging for him.  I certainly don't want him to get hurt, but I would trial in light rain like this, so it's good for it to not be completely foreign.

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