Monday, May 14, 2012

Dogwalk Update

Ok, so let's start with the dogwalk project.  My last post highlighted the issues we'd had at ARFF with the slats.  We'll see how things go with that on Wednesday, but every session I've done at home and at DogStar has been excellent.  No slats, no problem.  Actually, DogStar has slats, but they aren't as big and he doesn't notice them.  Worst comes to worst I'll just skip the DW at ARFF for a while.  He looks fantastic aside from that.  I've been throwing in a few hard approaches among easier repetitions, and that seems to keep his motivation and confidence high while challenging him.  He hasn't missed, although some times it's just been 1 hind foot (very clearly in the yellow) rather than a full jackpot.  Could be a lot worse.

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