Monday, May 14, 2012

Friday RunThrus

Friday we went to runthrus at DogStar.  We did the hardest course first and it was tough.  There were two difficult weave entries which he got thanks to my busting my butt to get ahead, trust him on a discrimination, and then give him a little support for the entry.  Later Grace said I should trust him, so the second time through the course I gave him more space and he missed both the first time.

There were two other parts of the course we had trouble with:  one was a rear on the flat from the weaves to the teeter.  He did it, but the line was not as tight as I would have liked.  The second time I did a FC at the end of the weaves and it was a little better, but it was basically a 180 degree turn weaves to teeter, so I felt like I was spinning around in a major circle.

The other funny spot was a discrimination DW/tunnel.  It was a 90 degree turn and he came into the jump flying, jumped big, and went out to the tunnel rather than coming back to me for the DW.  I was more careful the second time and he was great.

As for the DWs I did at runthrus, my plan was to do them in flow as the course dictated but stop afterwards to reward.  Then I'd go back, start with the DW and continue on with the course.  That plan worked really well, and he was perfect with jackpots every time.  The turns afterwards didn't bug him, either--they were pulls to a jump.

The other course was pretty straight forward.  I almost got run over as he flew out of a tunnel and I was too close, and we had one wide turn that I didn't manage well, but otherwise no trouble.

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