Saturday, May 5, 2012

The End of Perfection

Well, today wasn't our best session, but Jonah still did well.  We're dog sitting.  Jonah was doing great, and he'd probably done 6 perfect repetitions when we started another run...and half way across the DW I realized Romeo was sitting about 3 feet away from the end.  Yarg!  I shouldn't have had him out there, I guess.  Jonah did get in the yellow, but it wasn't pretty, and he lept over his little friend.  Then, once I got Romeo out of the picture, Jonah's next run he lept!  I was anticipating and clicked by accident.  Strike 2 for me!  After that, though, he was back to his normal accurate self.  Hopefully that's just a little blip and we'll get back to our previous accuracy.  I'm hoping to get new supports tomorrow.

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