Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Running with Grace

I don't know how I haven't previously realized the pun potential in our trainer's name (see post title).  It's pretty excellent.

Anyway, Jonah and I went to DogStar today for a lesson.  It went really well.  To some extent it's just a lot of practice and repetitions back and forth over the DW, but I just feel so much better having Grace's eyes on us, and she challenges us more than I do on my own.  We did different entries (straight ahead, jumps with tight turns, tunnels) and exits (jump straight ahead, tunnel straight ahead, pushes and pulls to jumps and tunnels, RCs, FCs...).  It's so luxurious to have a full size space!  It was also fun to string together little sequences that involved two DWs.  cool!

Jonah was overall great.  He did miss a couple of hard pushes, but it's good to know our limits.  I was encouraged by the full lesson.  Grace supports us in our decision to try running in the trial this weekend :).

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