Monday, May 7, 2012


I put the dogwalk up to a full 48" today.

Jonah was perfect.

I only did 6 repetitions, but that was plenty.  When I set it up, it looked really high!  It's a good 8" higher than it was yesterday, and I was worried he might leap.  Nope!  What a smart boy.  Now I'm really going to have to start thinking about bringing out the tunnel to have an obstacle after it.  For the moment, though, I'm just super thrilled.

1 month from board on the ground to full height running dogwalk at 100%.  Silvia does say she thinks it can be done in 2 weeks, but I think the fact that her course lasts 3 months is telling.  Jonah's a smart boy despite my weaknesses as a handler.  I'm so lucky.

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