Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big Yikes!

For our second session on the dogwalk today, we went to ARFF.  Official practice had been cancelled, but they said we were welcome to go set up our own exercises if we wished.  We were the only ones there when we got there.  I thought about going home, but figured we'd made the drive and might as well go for it.

Well, it didn't go well.  I'd say he was probably about 70%.  There are two dogwalks there--one is low (3' ish) and the other is full height.  I started with the full height and he was tentative.  It was a little wet outside, but it really wasn't slippery.  The dogwalks are wood boards with slats, and I think they just felt funny to him.  Especially the slats.  The first time, he was just picking his way along the slats, looking for them and trying to avoid them.  Doh.  He did pick up the pace.  After a few repetitions I moved to the lower dogwalk, but that didn't seem to make any improvement, so I went back to the 48" one.  Again, I'm pretty sure it was about the slats and just feeling funny, and not about the height.  We ended on some good jackpots and went home.  He was kind of distracted about being in the newish place.  The horse was on the other side of the fence, there were good smells, his dad was there eating ice cream...all reasons to not be on his best game.  Anyway, I'm glad we had this bad session without anyone watching :).  Hopefully he'll get used to this equipment.  I'm not sure what to do other than keep working at home so he is really solidified with the footwork, and then take him back next week to try again.  We'll get there.

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