Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Update

Jonah's been a little less enthusiastic about our training sessions lately, so I've tried to back off, mix other things in with the DW, and do fewer repetitions and fewer sessions.  Hopefully he'll be himself at the trial this weekend.

Anyway, he's been looking great.  I played the 'go get the contact' game where I'd put start him near the top of the down ramp or on the top board and have him just run down and get his contact.  He was excellent.  The thinking was that, since he sometimes gets a little wary on the DW at trials and will slow down on top, I want him to still get his contact even if his stride has changed a lot from his normal 5 stride.  Hopefully he'll just run right across, but I figured this could be a good proofing exercise.  We'll see what the courses look like tomorrow.  Here we go!

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