Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NEAT Trial Preview

I'm looking forward to the trial this weekend.  It's an outdoor, 2 ring trial.  Hopefully it will move along pretty well.  Anyway, if things went amazingly this weekend and we went 3/3 in our Advanced classes, we would finish our AAD.  We'll also have a chance at getting our first tournament Q in Steeplechase.  That all sounds good, but I'm not planning on it.  I don't want this to be a weekend with any pressure.  It will be the trial unveiling of our new running dogwalk, and I want the whole thing to just be about running fast and confident.  If he makes a mistake, I'm not going back to fix it.  We're just run-run-running!

Saturday Round 1:  Advanced Snooker
     Last time in our Advanced Snooker run I got too greedy and went for a 58 point plan.  That is NOT my plan this time.  If there are 4 reds, I'm not doing 4.  I want to make the nicest flowing course I can that will get me my 37 points.  There are only 4 dogs in the class, so we'll get a ribbon no matter what.  This run is just about building confidence, getting used to the setting, and getting a Q (hopefully).

Saturday Round 2:  Steeplechase Round 1
     This will be our fourth try at Steeplechase, and we haven't gotten one yet.  Unfortunately it's a big class (28 dogs, 16 of which are BCs), which means the time between the top three dogs will likely be pretty tight.  We will only ever need one steeplechase Q, though, and we've got tons of time to get it.  If this is the day, great.  If not, so be it.  Luckily steeplechase courses are usually fairly open, and his A-frame and weave poles are solid.  I'm not too worried about anything in particular.  For some reason I tend to get nervous competing against all the masters people, but I guess it's time to get over that since it won't be too long until we're in masters classes too!

Saturday Round 3:  Advanced Standard
     Unleash the dogwalk!  This will likely be our first stab at it, unless it was in snooker.  We'll see how things go.  Hopefully the course will be as basic as the other Advanced Standard courses we've had.  We don't really need any extra challenges (especially right before or after the dogwalk)!  There are 9 dogs in the class, but placing will be the last thing on my mind.

Sunday Round 1:  Advanced Standard
     So, if we qualified in snooker and standard on Saturday, the pressure would be on a little bit in this run as it would earn us our AAD.  I'm not inclined to want to put a stop on the DW just to be safe, though.  We'll run, as he's already a little hesitant on new equipment about whether he should run or stop.  I want him running for nationals, baby!  So, this will just be another chance to go fast and have some fun.

??Sunday Round 2:  Steeplechase Round 2
     If we somehow manage to qualify on Saturday we'd have another run on Sunday.  That would be exciting, but not something to count on.  In the catalogue under steeplechase finals, it says "I know it's going to be you!"  That's some nice reassurance.  

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