Friday, August 26, 2011

Trial Preview??

Well, so far the trial is still on for Sunday despite the impending hurricane.  We'll make the call as to whether or not we'll go once we know more about the path of the storm.  If we get there and it's bad, we'll just go on home.

Round 1:  Jackpot Level 3
     I'd REALLY like to get a Jackpot Q.  It would be our first at Level 3, and we've had some close misses lately.  I hope it's a doable challenge and that we get it done.  Levels 3, 4, 5 and C are combined for it, which might not be a good thing for us, but we'll see what happens.  There are three Level 3, 20" dogs entered, but who knows how many people will come and they also allow day-of-show entries.

Round 2:  Standard Level 3
     This would be our 5th of 6 level 3 standard Q's.  It's also a 3-4-5-C course, so it could be challenging, but I have confidence at this point that we are up to any challenges a CPE course would put in front of us for the standard round, so bring it on!  There are four 20" level 3 dogs in this class.

Round 3:  Colors Level 3
     We haven't had a colors run in quite a while, and this would be our first Level 3 Q for colors.  They're not usually too hard, though.  We are, once again, with levels 4, 5 and C but I know we'll be up for the challenge.  There's only one other 20" level 3 dog.

Round 4:  Jumpers Level 4
     This will be our second Jumpers run at level 4.  I have to say I quite like jumpers courses.  They're fast and fun!  There are three dogs in our class.  Part of me, though, would be surprised if we stayed to the end of the day to get this run in.  I'd love to get the other Qs, but we're already in level 4 for jumpers so I might not stay unless things are moving fast and Jonah's having fun.

Overall, there aren't too many entries in the trial.  Add that with a bunch of people who are likely not to go, and it could move quickly.  Of course, if the weather's really bad we won't go either.  I don't want Jonah to have a bad time with agility and I need to make sure I put his enjoyment first rather than my own desire to get Q's.  That said, I'm hoping the weather isn't miserable because I like this weekend's judge a lot and the venue is really close to home.  It's a great trial because it's just so easy for us.

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