Monday, August 29, 2011

A-Frame Groundwork

Today Jonah and I were back to work with our groundwork with the A-frame box.  First I had just the box, slightly elevated.  He was excellent.  Next I built the jump grid.  My jumps were small (about 8").  The first was 4.5' from the second, and that jump was 9' from the far end of the box.  That made for three bounces in a row, the first being a 4.5' distance, the second about 6', and the third about 3'.  That's pretty big adjustability in my mind, but Jonah handled it very well.  I started with the box elevated, then dropped the front edge down to the ground and finally had the whole box flat on the ground.  I worked the grid with a lead-out and running with him, varying my distance and speed.  Overall I was very impressed.  He wasn't always 100%.  If I wasn't next to him sometimes he would curl towards me.  A few times when I was running fast he'd leap over the whole box.  As we worked, though, he just kept improving.  For the last phase (we did 4 short sessions throughout the day), I set up the grid on the A-frame itself, laid flat on the ground.  He was excellent and thought it was much more fun to be on equipment, even if it was only a few inches off the ground.  I had Dave video us:

I also put the DW back up after the storm and Jonah had a little trouble remembering his 2o2o.  I'm glad he's actually having trouble with it at home so we can school it.  We drilled it a few times and then here is one of his decent repetitions.

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