Thursday, August 25, 2011

A-Frame Construction Continued

As I had predicted, painting is going slowly.  This morning the sand coat was mostly dry but slightly sticky, so I flipped the frames over and painted the bottom.  I found a nice green deck paint that my parents had stuck in the basement and they said I could use it.  It's a thick oil coat which made a big mess but looks great.  Again, though, it took a long time to get on and even longer to dry.  Right before I left for our lesson it was finally dry enough to flip back over and I used the green to paint the contact areas.  Tomorrow I'll move the tape and paint the rest of the top, and then we'll be done painting!  All that will be left will be attaching the hinges, the chain and then setting it up.  I'm definitely thinking I'll wait until after the hurricane, though.

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