Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Half Dog Discriminations

I did another short session that lasted as long as the half of the hot dog I brought out.  It turns out half of a hot dog can actually go pretty far.

For setup, all I did was pull out the tunnel and put it right next to the dogwalk.  It was straight, just parallel to the DW the whole way.  I knew the DW would be more enticing, so I started on the side of the tunnel and asked for the tunnel.  I got the dogwalk.  I brought him back and started him on on an angle closer to the tunnel.  I released him and asked for the tunnel.  I got the dogwalk.  Not wanting him to fail too much, I set him up right in front of the tunnel and asked for the tunnel.  He raced through it, came back wagging and got a few pieces of hot dog.  Then he never missed again.  I worked the discrimination from both sides and from all sorts of angles, and he nailed every one, whether I asked for the tunnel or the DW.  Good boy!

Since he was being so good and I still had hotdog, I drilled some weaves, tables and teeters as well.  I'm not too satisfied with his weaves right now.  He's having trouble finding entries, so I think I need to rethink my strategy.  The problem is he'll only weave fast about 5-6 times each session and then he slows down, so I guess I just need to weave frequently but only a few repetitions each time.  It's tough because I like to start easy and slowly get harder, but I just can't get too hard if I only have 5 tries.  Maybe I can start medium and work towards hard.  

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