Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Report

Well, it's still raining and windy but the worst of the storm has passed.  We're all safe and sound.  It would NOT have been fun to be trialing outside today, though, so we made the right decision.  Even knowing about the sunk cost principal I hate 'losing money,' but we'll move on and forget about it.

There's still time for more limbs down, but so far we've got three trees down on the fence outside.  The first is a small one that we'll be able to move off with two people.  There's minimal fence damage from it.

The second is probably about a foot in diameter and has pulled the fencing completely off the posts and crushed it, but the posts appear solid.  It will require some chain saw action and a lot of wire bending if we can get the fencing back into shape.  If not, we'll have to get some new material to patch the fence.

The third tree, though, is the biggest concern.  It fell near a post and twisted the post pretty well.  I don't think we'll be able to get the post back into shape, and getting new posts in is always a pain.  At least the ground is wet.  Anyway, this tree came into the agility area and landed straight across the weave pole base!  Luckily it was the top of the tree and only maybe 9" diameter (the base is close to 2'), and it fell nicely between the attachments for the poles, so the base appears to be unharmed.  I'm glad I pulled the poles down so they weren't broken.  Phew.  I had hoped that if anything would fall out there it would be the leaning tree in the agility area, but it's still standing strong.

By tomorrow it's supposed to be lovely and sunny again, so it will be time to get things in order.  There are lots of blown leaves and small sticks to pick up, and we'll have to get the fence back in shape, put the dogwalk, teeter and other equipment back up and assemble the A-frame!  This is going to be lots of fun.

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