Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Happenings

As we learn more about the hurricane, things are not looking good for Sunday.  The trial is currently still on but they're saying they may cancel Sunday.  Luckily our plans for tomorrow morning have fallen through and the trial allows day-of entries, so I'm going to take Jonah over there in the morning and we'll try to get a few runs in before Dave and I run our warrior dash in the evening.  Quite a day :).

Anyway,  here's a look at what we'll do tomorrow.  Who knows what will happen on Sunday.

Round 1:  Fullhouse Level 4
     Fullhouse is always a nice way to start a day.  We'll try to run a nice, fast, flowing course.  I learned last time that bigger loops may actually be faster than smaller ones because he can really open up closer to full speed.  If the dogwalk is up, I'll try to school that.  There are currently four dogs in level 4 for 20", but I expect some change with people not showing up or entering in the morning.

Round 2:  Standard Level 3
     This is the run I'd really like to get in this weekend if I could only get one, since you need so many standard Qs.  It's a 3-4-5-C course, so should have some real challenges, but I'm sure we'll do well.  If we did get to run this AND Sunday weren't cancelled, we might be able to finish our Level 3 standard title this weekend!  This could be a big class--there are already five dogs before us.

Round 3?:  Wildcard Level 3
     I'll probably enter Wildcard but I don't know if I'll get to run it.  I have to leave by 1:00 and I don't know how quickly the trial will move along.  If we do get to do it, it would be our second wildcard level 3, and the course would probably be pretty straight forward.

Anyway, we'll see what happens when we wake up in the morning.  Jonah was a little gimpy earlier this afternoon.  He looked fine when I took him out a little bit ago, but I'll definitely check him again and if he's at all off I won't take him to the trial.  I got stung by another bee today and I think that's what happened to him, too.  He had a little spasm and then was licking his leg, presumably trying to get the stinger out.  That's the leg he was lame on a little bit later.  

The A-frame is pretty much done now (it just needs hinges and the chain), but I'm holding off on setting it up.  In fact, I took down most of the agility equipment to prepare for the storm.  The dogwalk and teeter are disassembled with the planks stacked a few inches off the ground.  I took down the weave poles, gathered all the jump bars, tied them all together and nestled them down between some logs so hopefully they won't blow all over the place.  The tunnel and chute are inside.  The only thing that's currently up is the table.  Now the area looks quite bare, but it will be fun to set it all back up in a new arrangement when the storm has passed.  Plus, it will have the new A-frame addition!

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