Sunday, August 21, 2011

Short Practice

I heard the thunder and I thought, "Let's see if we can get in some agility before the storm comes."  It turns out we were unable to beat the storm, but we had a great session, anyway.

I just cut up half of a hot dog and said we'd work until that was gone.  Well, Jonah was super excited as soon as he smelled the hot dog and he ran out there and was ready to work.  We did some distance weave work, some DW contacts, a few distance teeters and some table practice.

Jonah's weaves were mostly excellent although he did pop out at the 5th pole (of 6) when I got too much lateral distance.  I just have to keep drilling that he needs to independently go to the end.  He was good about getting his entry from all sorts of funky angles.

His dogwalk contacts are, as usual, phenomenal at home.  It doesn't matter how far ahead/behind/lateral I am, or how fast he's going.  He just nails them.  Now I need to get that sort of response away from home, but it's hard when we see a DW so rarely away from home.  There was no DW at class last week and there wasn't one at the trial on Friday, either :-/.  Hopefully this week.

Jonah's table was very good today, too.  He was just really pumped to be working.

I loved the short session and I need to do more of that.  I'd like to have more of a plan before I do it, but today's weather necessitated fast action.  It was pouring by the time we were done, but luckily the leaves keep it a little bit dryer out there.

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