Friday, April 13, 2012

Running, Class, Trial Preview

Yesterday Jonah looked good on the board.  A few misses, but generally pretty accurate.

For class, he was excited and especially unreactive to the other dogs.  The first course ran smooth and clear the first time.  Then when we ran it again I tried to get to fancy and screwed him up.  There was a backside jump which I was unclear about and he took the front side.  My fault.

For the second course, we missed a weave entry (not sure why--it wasn't tricky) and then he pulled a bar in the closing line when I really took off.  He doesn't like to be left behind, but it meant a bar.  Oops.  The second time through that course was fast and clean.  I got to practice a nice blind cross which worked quite well both times.

And then today we have a trial!  We're just doing two runs:  Standard and Colors.  Of course, both of those runs are fairly important for us since they're the two classes we're most behind in.  The trial is indoors on dirt, which might be my favorite footing for agility.  We'll see what we think of the facility and the courses.  Two Qs would be nice...  There are six dogs in our standard class and three in colors.

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