Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bo Gee Trial Preview

Today we're headed up to Deerfield, NH for two runs at Bo Gee's trial, and then we'll be back tomorrow for 3 more.

Today is Standard and Jackpot.

Tomorrow is Standard, Colors and Wildcard.

I'm really really hoping for a Q in either Jackpot or Wildcard so I can meet my goal of being in level 5 in four classes by nationals (we're already there for snooker, jumpers and fullhouse).

Standard Qs are important--we need four more in level 4.

Colors is the class we're most behind in.  This would be our second Q in level 4 if we get it tomorrow.  Colors should be the last Q we need in for our level 4 title (hopefully this summer), but I'm still pretty sure we'll catch up and Standard will be the last Q we'll need for our CATCH (this fall?  winter?)

Anyway, it's cool but otherwise a beautiful day.  I'm excited.

This morning we did a running dogwalk session and Jonah's looking fantastic.  He lept once, but otherwise he was always jackpot-ing.  I swear I'll find that tripod sometime soon so I'll have video again...

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