Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Class

Jonah was fantastic at class tonight.

The first course started with a fast opening line of jump-jump-A frame...and then a backside of a jump.  It looked nasty, but Jonah did great.  I ended up pushing to the backside off the A-frame and then serping the landing side.  It worked really well.  Everyone else in class put in a FC after the A-frame.  I did that the second time and somehow did manage to get it done in time, but it was much messier.  I liked my push better.

Other than that, there was a hard pull out of a tunnel.  The dogs saw the weaves while they were in the tunnel, but they had to turn hard to get a good approach onto the DW.  I called hard and Jonah did great.

Then after the DW there was a perfect place for a Ketschker, and it worked great.  Aside from that, there was a push out of the weaves and a flip from the DW to a tunnel, but nothing caused trouble.

So, the first time through we ran clean and fast.  The second time I tried to do a section as a gamble and got a little too ambitious.  I wasn't moving as he came out of a tunnel and called "out," but it wasn't enough.  On our second attempt I hung back more so I could take a few steps as he came out of the tunnel.  That worked well.

The second course had a tricky opening that looked like this:

I didn't want to lead out, so I ended up playing it pretty conservatively, and I RC'd the poles.  It worked, but he definitely didn't enter at full speed.  Later I did 1-3 again and managed to BC between 2 and 3.  It would have been a lot faster, but I dropped my bait bag which was a bit of a distraction :).  The rest of the course ran very well and quite fast.

I'll upload today's running plank video tomorrow--got to get to bed for tonight.  It was good, though.  Tomorrow I'll put the table up to its full height.

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