Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awesome Class

Tonight was probably one of the best classes we've ever had.  Jonah was awesome!

Our first course ran beautifully.  Honestly, there wasn't much of anything I would have done differently.  He was fast, took good lines, and there weren't any sticky areas at all.  What a good boy.

So...the second time through I decided to make things a little tougher and handle things as gambles.  Here are some of the gambles we strung together:

There were only 2 trouble spots.  In the second gamble, I pushed towards the weaves too early and made him miss his entry (he entered at pole 2).  The second time I waited and he nailed it.  I just need to be patient in those situations.

In the third gamble, the chute to the triple proved just too difficult.  He was coming out of it so fast that by the time he saw me and my motion out, he was already past the jump.  Oh well.  If the weaves hadn't been there, I could have called him over the line towards me and then sent him back out.

But other than those two things, he was awesome!  I didn't know that he would be able to get number 4 to 5 in the second gamble, but he nailed it.  It's so cool when things go right :).

Our second course of the night ran really well until I took things for granted right at the end.  In the first gamble map above, the course ran from the tunnel at 5 to the jump 3, and then to the tunnel under the A-frame.  I serped it, but I guess I pushed to the tunnel too soon and he took the A-frame.  I wasn't anticipating that.  The second time we tried it I was more careful and we didn't have any trouble.

People in our class were saying we were too good for them.  I absolutely disagree--I always learn a lot from watching them, and they're doing really well!  One dog in our class just got their first 2 QQs in AKC this weekend!  The compliment, though, felt good after our disastrous weekend last week.  Sometimes it just feels good to do well.  It just felt so easy and flowing tonight.  It's fun when he's so focused and fast.  I'm so lucky to have such an awesome dog!

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