Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Private Class

We went to DogStar for a private lesson on Monday, and we got to practice a bunch of gambles.  They were really good.  The toughest part of the setup was like this:

After sending him in the tunnel, I would either send him to the jump straight ahead out of the tunnel or the one at the top of the map, which he would turn left to out of the tunnel.  Both were challenges for us.

When we were going to the jump straight ahead, my first inclination was to be far ahead of the dummy jump, but that didn't actually work for us.  When he came out of the tunnel he saw me over the bar of the off-course jump and would take that and recall to heel.  Instead, it was better for me to be right on top of the dummy jump with my arm out, not giving him space to jump it, and driving towards the jump I wanted him to take.

For the second gamble, I had to work it in steps.  The first time he didn't get the out command--it was just too far for us right now.  The next time I stepped over the line and sent him out, which he was very good with.  After that I could send him from the line.  Good boy.

We were going to bring one of Grace's dogs out but we ran out of time, so we'll do that on Thursday instead.

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