Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I get nervous just writing this, so I really need to figure out how to calm down and be fully present for Jonah this weekend.  Anyway, the catalogue is up and here's what we have to look forward to (note the positive framing.

Round 1:  Starters Gamblers
     I entered this just as a warmup to get us relaxed and focused.  I might like to try a lead out to try to calm him down.  I am not going to try to go all out for top points.  Placement is not my primary concern at all.  Really all I want out of this round is for us to go get a little extra edge out of the way, be comfortable in the space and have fun.  There are 8 dogs in the class and I really don't care whether or not we Q or place.

Round 2:  Starters PAIRS!
     That's right, we're entered and at this point we're planning on going.  After they set the course there are 4 pairs of PI dogs (the 4th is two of our CPE buddies!).  Then we're the first starters pair.  Our pair dog jumps 16", so I think that means we will have the decision made for us as to whether we do the first or second half of the course.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I've seen that somewhere before.  Anyway, that actually takes some of the stress off of deciding.  I know we can do any course they put at us.  Whether or not we do actually do it is another matter.  I really hope things go alright.  I think they will, but I'm still very nervous!

Those are the only two classes we're doing, so I can go collapse after we're done.  Then I start classes the next day, so it's all busy busy.  In other news, I got a job interview today with a company I'm really excited about.  Yay!

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