Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Gambling, and Wraps

Today Jonah and I played around a little with some gambles.  Here was our setup:

We started with just the jump to weaves or weaves to jump (1-3 or 3-1).

Then I worked on 1-2, which was actually difficult for us, as Jonah was then conditioned to turn to the weaves.

Then I put it together 1-2-3.

We also did 3-2-1.

1 to 2 was definitely the hardest for us.  That will be a good winter project for us to work on.   

After doing gambles, I worked on some wraps.  Jonah just doesn't wrap jumps very tightly, so I set up a jump next to a tree, with about 2 feet in between the stanchion and the tree.  I would send him out to the jump and jackpot when he would turn back to me inside the tree.  We only did a few repetitions each way, but I thought it was good.  He was better turning to the right than the left, which I thought was surprising given that he typically prefers his left lead.  Anyway, we'll keep working on it.

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