Friday, January 27, 2012

Hard Class

Wow, Grace's courses last night were very difficult.  We did alright, but it was messy.

The first course involved a threadle, a stretch where the dog had to be out ahead of the handler, a tough serpentine from the DW to a jump to the weaves, and then a hard jump line at the end that looked like this:
We managed to get through the course without any official 'mistakes,' but there was generally a lot of confusion.  For this last line (above), I did a BC out of the weaves so he was on my left for 2 and 3.  I stopped dead while sending him to 3 and called 'here' as he was landing.  Then I flipped him on the flat to 4.  Like I said, it worked, but it wasn't pretty.  Neither was most of the rest of the course, although our first threadle was quite nice if you ask me.

The second course was easier, but for some reason we had trouble at one point where Jonah just didn't see a tunnel.  This happened a few weeks ago, and I can't figure out why sometimes he just misses them.  We did a jump and then he had to turn about 90 degrees to the left into a tunnel while I kept running basically straight.  I called 'tunnel' and angled myself towards it, but he just stuck to my side and ran right past it.  He did that twice!  It was funny.  I'm really not sure what happened.  Usually he's very good at finding tunnels :).

Anyway, we didn't get to run very much last night but there are run throughs today so we'll get a few more tries.  I want to try some gamble practice, too.

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