Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

So this is a lesson in what you're NOT supposed to do when you're only one paper and one final away from vacation, but it's no use after Christmas and this was the last time we'd be at DogStar before the holidays.

I'd come across ribbon wreaths originally when we were planning the wedding, and then this website reminded me of it when I was thinking of things to do with old ribbons:

I wanted a look that would use the headless ribbons, though, so I modeled mine more after this:

In the end, I made a foam circle out of a pool noodle, angled the ends, stuck a pen through the hole in the middle and duct taped the connection.  Then I wrapped the whole thing with ribbons, just pinning them in place on the back.  Once that was done I cut ribbons in half or thirds, made little loops of them and stuck them in on the front side.  It was quite easy and took a little more than an hour.  I left a section at the bottom and made a bow.  I thought of using a regular ribbon with a head as a bow, but I thought it looked kind of silly and really brought attention to that one ribbon, which is from another local venue and thus a competitor of DogStar.  I only had one red ribbon with a rosette, apparently.  Anyway, the bow I came up with looked fine.  Overall, I thought it was a quick and easy way to get rid of a lot of ribbons in a good looking way that made a nice Christmas present.  Everyone seemed to think it was pretty cool.  Here are a few shots:

From a distance, it gives the impression of a real wreath, huh?

Closeup of the bow.

Up close, you can see the ribbon rolls.

Another close up.

A view of the side, showing the wrapping of the pool noodle.  Unfortunately it shows through in a few spots...oops!

Dave decided to torture Jonah.

Really Dad?

A (badly lit) view of the back, where you can see the pins.

The other side.

If you've got a lot of ribbons sitting around, I recommend this.  You can buy a foam wreath if you don't have a pool noodle ;-).  Wreaths of other colors could look good too, as could mixtures of ribbons you've won with regular store bought ribbon.  It's an easy craft and I was impressed with the outcome (enough that I wasn't embarrassed to give it away!)

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