Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Plan

Yesterday Jonah and I met with Grace to get some good ideas about what we should be practicing, and we developed a list of 'to dos.'

Our foci:
  • Forward sends to wraps, both with and without FC's
  • Putting pressure on Jonah's landing to get him comfortable jumping closer to the stanchion rather than swinging wide and sometimes going behind my back
  • Serpentine practice with different handling options
  • Serpentines with tempting off-course pinwheel jumps (first placed reasonably far away so as not to set Jonah up to fail, and then moving them closer)
  • 'Around the clock' lead outs to blind crosses
  • Blind crosses with contacts

We've done some practice on the jump work and it's going really well.  The only thing is that Jonah understands when we're doing that work with tight wraps and things, so he isn't in full course excitement mode.  I might have to set up those more technical questions in a sequence rather than just by themselves as drills.  I think we're going to meet with Grace again for another few private sessions while school is lighter.

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