Thursday, December 15, 2011

Class Dec 15

Today's class was fun but I think the fact that I'm within days of finishing school meant my mind was not 100% there.  Jonah was really talkative from the second we walked in the door.  He did bark at other dogs, but mostly he just barked at me and was generally impatient.  It was kind of a bother.  His barking was bothering another dog, so when she ran we had to leave the ring.  Poor thing--I felt bad for her, and I wished I could just have the magic to make Jonah relax between runs.  Oh well.

Aside from that, our runs were pretty good.  We had one issue where Jonah just didn't seem to see a tunnel entry.  It looked like this:

The first time Jonah wanted to take the DW and nearly ran me over trying to get there.  The second time he just stopped and looked confused, and then the lightbulb went off and he found the far entrance to the tunnel.  The third time he actually got it right.  I have no idea why he didn't see it/was confused/whatever happened.  Those first times I was doing a FC on the landing side of 3 to a RC in the tunnel.  The second time I ran the course I had him on my right for the whole thing and just pulled around to the tunnel.  That ran quite smoothly.

Aside from that little confusion, the courses ran well.  He jumped onto the table so fast he almost knocked it over, but I won't really fault him for that.  Once he got back on his downs were good and he held them.  None of the nonsense from last week.  His A-frames looked good despite some tough approaches.  His DW contacts were pretty good but slower than they are sometimes.

Now we have to have two weeks off from lessons for the holidays.  We'll have to do some extra work at home.  I'm hoping to do some discriminations before we have to bring in the contacts for the winter.  It's getting cold enough to snow but so far there's nothing significant in the forecast.

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