Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Lesson

I should really be working on my paper right now, so this will be brief, but it was so great I had to record it.

Jonah was super tonight and we had so much fun!  He only made two mistakes all night, and both were my fault.  On the first course, one section looked like this:

I decided to do a blind on the landing side of 4, and I was so concerned about getting there that I didn't fully support Jonah after 2.  Some dogs took the off course teeter, and I'd considered that, so I just sent him to 2 and got out of there, I guess hoping he would read my mind about the tire.  Having boogied out of the way, I didn't really notice, but Grace said he did a beautiful wrap of 2 (we've been practicing!), and before I knew it he was pretty much on top of me at 4.  Confused as to why I was so in the way, he wiggled around me, jumped the backside of 4 and then turned around and barked at me like, "Mom, you're late.  Where do I go now?"  On our second try I paid enough attention to the tire and gave a verbal cue.  Not only did the tire jump nicely, but I got my blind in and it worked awesome!  He didn't even blink at the tunnel, which bit most of the other dogs.

We did this sequence a few times, and there were a few concerns.  The second time through, I got a little relaxed with my line and pushed too hard towards the A-frame, and we did buy the tunnel.  The third time we got the discrimination but he 1-hit the A-frame.  He did get in the yellow, but I found it odd.  Usually he's tempted to 1-hit if he approaches with a lot of extension, but this was quite the opposite; it was a tight turn on the approach.  Grace thought maybe he was really digging in to compensate.  Who knows, but it was rather surprising.

Our second course opened with a tight threadle, which Jonah totally aced (once he finally calmed down enough to sit so I could lead out).  I don't think we're usually very good at threadles, so it felt good to nail it.  We also nailed another tunnel/A-frame discrimination, this time straight on with a long running approach.

Oh, one more thing.  Today Grace referred to Jonah as 'bold.'  I bet I never would have expected to hear that a year ago!  Puppy's growing up.

Oh fine, one more.  One of the members of our class has Keeshonds, and one of her girls has puppies, now 5 weeks.  So. much. fuzzy. cute.

That's really it now.  We're planning on going to run-thrus tomorrow so hopefully I can get some videos up.

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