Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Discrimination Practice

Yesterday Jonah and I did some discrimination practice, and he was super.  He missed twice out of maybe 30 tries.  Both of the misses were where the contact was farther away, and he took the closer tunnel.  The time it was the DW, it was pretty understandable, as we don't have enough space to run at a DW/tunnel discrimination straight on, so he was turning towards the discrimination and couldn't even see the DW ramp when I gave him the command.  Overall, though, he was great.  His contacts were excellent.  We're running out of time before the contacts come inside, so I need to get practice in now!

Also, I'm pretty sure I saw a bald eagle today.  I've never seen one around here before, but apparently there have been some local sightings.  Very cool!  Add that to the list of hawks, owls, and other wildlife we have.  It makes me feel very lucky.

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