Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Weekend Away

This past weekend we went to the Poconos.  It's usually very relaxing there, but having guests and a puppy somehow made it somewhat hectic.

In the car, both dogs are riding in the crate now.  Nika does great.  She just sleeps peacefully.  Unfortunately, her favorite spot is the middle of the crate.  Jonah, not wanting to be rude to his sister, then has no space.  So he often just stands over her, 2 feet on each side.  Doh.  He finds ways to sit, but rarely settles down.  It's kind of silly--there's plenty of space for both of them.  I hope he gets a little more assertive.

Nika was great in the lake.  She swam a lot (much more than her brother), ran back and forth across the dock, and was generally very pleased with life.

Jonah did well for him, too.  He wanted to jump off the dock, and we found a nice shallow spot where he could jump in and his feet would touch.  He loved it!  He was leaping and splashing and having a grand old time.

Both dogs were good with the other people.  It was nice.  Both were also good in the strange house.  No chewing problems or anything like that.

That's about it for the summary, so I'll just add some pictures.

Jonah likes kayaking.  He's good at it, too.

Nika's not as sure she wants to stay in the kayak...

First this happened...

Then this happened...

And then this happened!  I wouldn't let Jonah fall in like that, but she's a good swimmer and we were only 10 feet from her standing.  She didn't seem bothered at all.  

Good, cute puppies.

Dave and Jonah

Dave and Nika.

Sweet puppy.

Yay sticks!

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