Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dogs >> People!

I've been having a crazy work schedule lately, and I've had to work through some tough situations with some people I've found it hard to agree with.  So, Friday morning I was almost pleased to just have some time to myself and take the dogs to the vet.  Unfortunately, my people problems followed me.

I got there and the vet tech gave me all this new dog paperwork for Nika.  I didn't think much of it, but there were all sorts of questions about me and how I found the vet and things that I felt like they already knew (my family has been going to this vet since before I was born.  I don't remember how they found it).  Then the vet tech took the paperwork, Nika's records and fecal sample, and then told me, "Your appointment's not for 40 minutes."  I realized they probably had Jonah on the schedule first and I offered to switch them.  They said it wasn't a problem and I started waiting (I think it's a little funny because I'd made the two appointments together, but they didn't know the two dogs were together.  Then, the day before, they'd called two separate times to tell me that the appointments were--both--at 10:00.  So then when I got there at 10 and they said I had to wait 40 minutes, I thought it was a bit ironic).

Anyway, I enjoyed having a little quiet time with the puppy.  I'd brought some cheese, so we practiced lots of tricks.  She sat in my lap for a while.  She met another small dog and was very friendly.  She didn't seem bothered at all by being at the vet.  They even brought out a camera and asked if I minded if they put her picture on the website.  Cute girly.  Of course, she wiggles a lot and isn't easy to photograph :).

Then, after a little while, the vet tech asked where Jonah was.  I told him he was in the car.  She panicked.  "You know dogs can get heat stroke, right?" she stammered.  I replied that he was fine--I'd parked completely in the shade, the windows were down, and it was only 75 degrees out (it was still early morning).  "You shouldn't leave a dog in a car.  It's not safe," she snarfed.  I tole her we did agility and that we worked out of the car frequently.  We had a system and he would be just fine.  She left the room.

A few minutes later, I heard her talking to someone else.  She told this person, who I figured was a doctor, that a client had a dog in a car.  The doctor said that was ridiculous.  I decided to go check on Jonah, as they actually had me a little worried.

He was totally fine.  It wasn't any hotter in the car than inside.  I offered him water but he wasn't interested.  He was happily chewing the kong I'd given him.  Good boy.  I was just about to walk back in when the vet tech came storming out to me and says, "We're ready for you.  Bring your other dog.  The doctor refuses to see your animals unless you have both."  I was taken aback and didn't react for a second.  Really?  She was at my car at this point and I showed her that it wasn't any hotter inside.  She wouldn't take any of it.  Shaking my head, I put Jonah on a leash and began the process of bringing the super-happy-excited-friendly puppy and the nervous-reactive-big-dog into the office at the same time.  No one ever offered to help me or anything.  Getting through the door was hectic.  Luckily Jonah didn't  bark at the small dog in the waiting area.  He didn't want to go to the examining room, though, and slipped out of his collar.  I got him back on and managed to get them into the room.  Geez.

Then the doctor who had drawn the hard line comes waltzing into the room and super cheery starts asking how I am.  I wasn't great, thanks.  I don't appreciate having people imply that I'm abusing my animals, actually.  In all the years I've gone to that vet, I've only ever seen one doctor.  She's great.  I don't know why I suddenly had this new one, who never introduced herself or anything.

I won't bore you with the details of the actual visit, but Jonah was scared and Nika was great (as is to be expected).  Somehow I got the dogs out, paid, and left without any crazy mishaps, although a nice man who was picking his dog up from boarding did help me with the door on the way out.

I came home feeling really flustered.  I care a lot about how I take care of my dogs, and I feel like I know what's good for them.  Had I known they wouldn't be alright with a dog staying in the car, I wouldn't have scheduled the appointments together.  Jonah needs some help and encouragement at the vet, and it was Nika's first time.  Both deserved my full attention.  So, I'll never schedule two appointments together again.  Nonetheless, I was upset that they were so pointed in their communication.  Refusing to see my "animals" just seemed harsh.  I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I was upset.

I also decided I'll be sure to make appointments with the doctor I've been seeing all through the years in the future.  She knows Jonah (and likes to tease him for being scared) and I trust her.  I wasn't impressed when this other doctor had never heard of our brand of food.  When I got home, I looked her up and she's a cat person.  I'm sure she's certified for dogs, too, but I want people who really know dogs.  I know medical people really complain about patients who self-diagnose after doing internet research.  With this vet, though, I feel like I really did know more--or at least as much--about hernias and puppy related stuff.  She had to look up what shots Nika needed, but I knew.  Sigh.  I know people are human, but it wasn't a great morning.  Oh well.  At least the dogs have clean bills of health!


  1. I'm just preparing to write a post/vent on the dogs-in-cars topic. I understand that people make poor choices, but it's at the point now where people really honestly believe cars will magically heat up, even in full shade!

  2. It's good to know I'm not alone! Let me know when you write your post--I'd love to read!