Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nika's Second Class

Monday was Nika's second day at puppy class.  I kind of feel funny calling it a class.  There's not much class involved, but there is a LOT of fun involved.  She was a little more willing to get into the mix this time, although she preferred to just visit with the dogs who came over to our corner.  Overall I'm very pleased with her progress, but my biggest concern is her shyness with other dogs.  I want to do more socialization with her, but when we go to Willards or other places there are so many big boisterous dogs and I think they scare her a little.  We need nice dogs to make for good experiences.  Puppy class is amazing for this, but it's only once a week.

Aside from puppy play time, we practiced our 'leave it' command, and got ideas about how to make it more difficult.  She's doing great with it.

I'm sure we did other training things but I can't remember at the moment.  Mostly it was just fun.  And cute.  Lots of cute.

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