Friday, July 27, 2012

Run Thru Video

I went back to DogStar today and had Grace video (thanks, Grace!) since I didn't have any recent footage of Jonah.  I'll let you see for yourself but I'm pretty pleased.  The second run he was just running faster.  I wanted to compare different handling methods, but I think most things I did the second time would have been faster just since he was a little more amped for some reason.  Here are the time comparisons, although my watch probably isn't reliable at the level of tenths of a second:

        Round 1      Round 2
weaves 3.4 2.9
weaves-teeter 9.1 8.2
teeter-tunnel 4.5 4.3
tunnel-jump 3.9 3.9
jump-weaves 2.7 2.6
weaves2 3.1 2.9
weaves-frame 4.9 4.8
frame-end 3.1 3.2
total 31.1 30.0

So, it was surprising that my second handling scheme, with three rear crosses and a post turn instead of a Ketschker, was faster.  It's good to watch, though.  It does make me think I should be less afraid of rear crosses.  I think of them as demotivating, but he drives ahead nicely and sometimes they are a good decision.

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