Sunday, July 15, 2012

Doin (Pretty) Good

Some ups:
-Jonah has been picking up his right lead voluntarily a lot more recently.  I haven't been doing as much training with him because of his lameness, but hopefully this is a good sign.
-Jonah is awesome.  He's such a good dog.  I love him.  Vague?  Yes, but he's just so easy.
-The puppy goes across the full height dogwalk all by herself.  She likes it.  No fear.
-She's doing well with training.  Stay is hard.  Come is good.  Sits and downs with voice/hands only, when she's in front of us or in heel position.  Heeling is making progress.  Spins are coming.  Hand targeting is excellent.  Leave it is improving (sometimes we can even put a cookie on her paw and she'll leave it.  the other times she wiggles so much that the cookie falls off :)! ).  She's learning how to do shaping.  She'll go play with the tippy board from 6 feet away, come back for a cookie, and go back out.  Pretty good for a little one.

It's been super hot and looks like it will continue to be so.  We're having some issues with a leaky puppy.  She goes outside to do her big pee, but if anything remotely exciting happens on the way out she drips.  We're going back to carrying her more.  Otherwise, things are pretty good! 

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