Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Strange Happenings of Dog Parks

First of all, Beaver Brook is not officially a dog park.  I used to play frisbee there, and the field wasn't littered with dogs and poop.  Today things are a little different.  Overall, I think that's not such a good thing.  It's not a good place to go if you want to see responsible dog ownership.

Knowing that sometimes you have to be careful with some of the dogs/people who go to this park, Nika and I went anyway.

Today, it was a great decision.

We arrived and shortly after we were out of the parking lot, we found a professional dog walker with five dogs.  She had nothing resembling control of these dogs.  She didn't know where one of them was, in fact.  She had two Havanese on leashes, but she'd decided to let the JRT loose (no, it's not officially a leash-free area).  Interesting decision.  Then she had some little mix and another mix who looked like a slightly bigger than average Papillon.  After she asked what kind of dog Nika was I asked if he was a Papillion mix.  She said no, he was a Border Collie.  Thanks, I think not.  Who do people hire to walk their dogs??!

Anyway, all five of her dogs were small-to-medium size.  At first Nika politely said hello but wasn't especially interested.  We walked along our way.

Next we met a couple with two pugs and two norfolk terriers.  Again, nice little dogs for Nika.  She was polite meeting them as well.

Then we went swimming.  She loves swimming.  After she goes swimming, she gets excited.  I went with the flow and took her leash off for a minute.  Now that she was wet she was more confident, and she went to go play with all the other dogs (9 of them!).  She was so cute, running around and making friends happily now.  It was great.  Good girlie.

After a few minutes we headed home.  Good experience for the win :).

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