Monday, July 16, 2012


Wow, Nika was like a totally different dog this week at school!  It wasn't like she'd ever been bad before, but she was just reserved for the last two weeks when meeting new dogs.  This time, she was a social butterfly!  She happily went all the way across the room from us to meet new dogs, she wrestled and play bowed and tumbled and jumped and ran and had a happy fun time.  It was so much fun to watch.  She was never aggressive, but she just looked perfectly in her element rather than a little unsure about what to do.  All the training stuff went well, too.  I'm not so worried about that, though.

Tomorrow she's going to meet one of our friends' dogs.  Hopefully that will go well.

This morning she met 4 dogs at Willard's and was very polite but didn't play or anything.  She did a lot of swimming.

Jonah also got to get in the water, but he more just laid down in it and groaned happily, rather than actually swimming :).  What a good boy he is.  He also continues to pick up his right lead more and more.  He was running full speed through the woods today and it just took my breath away.  He's a gorgeous animal and so athletic.  It's a joy to watch.  I'm glad he's feeling better.

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