Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I love Jonah!

Time just disappears these days.  Every day I have plans to do training with Jonah, but lately it's turned into 5 minute trick sessions inside rather than setting up agility questions and running outside with him or taking him on field trips.  I need to get better about just leaving the puppy, but she gets a little upset when we leave if she's not asleep, and I get into rhythms of working until she wakes up, so the good Jonah opportunities just pass me by.

Today, though, I just left Nika.  She screamed for a minute, but I just let her.  I was not to be deterred!  And Jonah was wonderful.  He had so much fun, and did some hard stuff.

First we did some dogwalk practice, which he totally nailed.

Then we did some repetitions over the A-frame, which looked great.  I have the box back on to get his striding cleaned up.  He never misses at this point, but some reminder time with the box gets him a little more drivey and confident.

Next we worked on our teeter and table performance, both of which he was excellent with.

Finally I set up a line from last week's course that had a tough weave entry.  I made it even a little harder today, but Jonah didn't blink an eye.

At the end, I made up a little course that was short but challenging, and he flew through it like a total pro.  He's the best.  We played some frisbee and ran around together afterwards.  He looked happy to have his mom to himself for a few minutes.

Of course, he loves his puppy, too.  The two of them have a fantastic time playing.  They're so great.

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