Wednesday, November 9, 2011

USDAA-More Results

The full results from our USDAA trial last weekend are now posted.  It's helpful, somewhat encouraging and somewhat discouraging.  I'll start low and get better :).

   Of 27 entered dogs, 7 qualified.  15 were eliminated.  If Jonah had not been called for his A-frame, he would have been 1.13 seconds too slow to qualify.  His time would have qualified in any of the other height categories of championship or performance.  With the A-frame faults, he would have qualified in the 12" or 16" Championships, and in the 8" or 12" performance.  At first glance I thought that was discouraging, but now that I've written it I still feel like we'll be able to do it some day.  It will take a good run and some luck, but I'm confident that we could have shaved 1.13 seconds off our time, and we'll have some fast run some other day to get our Steeplechase Q.  After all, we only need one to get our ADCH (plus a whole lot of other Q's)!

Grand Prix:
     Out of 25 dogs, 5 qualified.  8 were eliminated.  As I updated the other day, Jonah did not actually get called for a refusal, so his only penalty was being 0.13 seconds over course time!  That was by far the least faults for a non-qualifying dog, and that's something that I'm really very confident we could fix in another run some other day.  I don't think we'll have too much trouble qualifying in GP in the future, so long as we have nice clean runs.  I know we don't always have nice clean runs, but it's not that rare!

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