Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trial Preview-Tournament Time

Sometimes I wonder why I've made the choices I've made with USDAA.  Maybe I'm out of my mind.  But whatever.  I can always change things.  For now I just have to bite my lip a little and try not to be too competitive.  This is for practice and fun and experience, not to go out there and win.

Round 1:  Steeplechase
     There are 27 dogs in the class.  There are two PWDs (interesting?).  There are six aussies.  There are nineteen BCs.  At least four dogs are handled by professionals.  Sigh.  All I can hope for is that we can go out and run hard.  I need to try to keep Jonah excited and high.  Even if we make mistakes we'll make them with guts.  After all, a lot of these dogs make mistakes, too.

(Round 2:  Steeplechase Round 2
     I suppose it is possible that we could qualify for round 2, but I'm not counting on it!)

Round 2/3:  Grand Prix
     Well, there are only 25 dogs in this class!  It's a lot of the same dogs (2 PWD, 5 Aussie, 17 BC).  But the nice thing is that in Grand Prix we don't have to compete against everyone else,  we just have to compete against ourselves.  If we go clear, we qualify.  It would be super duper exciting if we could do that, but of course it's possible that we could screw things up.  Wish us luck!

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