Thursday, November 17, 2011

Petco Trip

This isn't much of a post, but I just took Jonah to get a new bag of food, and he actually wanted to go inside.  I know he's gotten to the point where he's excited to go into agility venues, but Petco has always been far behind.  He used to be terrified of the automatic doors, but this time he led the way straight inside. There were even other dogs there for grooming or something and they barked a lot when he walked in, but he was completely unfazed.  He was rewarded for his brave behavior at the cash register, when he got a few cookies :).  It's fun when I get to have a moment that so clearly shows how much more confident Jonah is than he used to be.  I'm glad he is in a happier place and doesn't have as much to be afraid of.  We've had him close to a year and a half now, and he's a very different dog.  I'm so proud of him.

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