Friday, November 18, 2011

11/17 Class

I have lots to do tonight so this will be short, but here are some highlights from our class last night:

1.  When I do a blind cross while Jonah's in a tunnel, I should think about what he can see.  I got one in yesterday, but his line out of the tunnel was facing towards where my feet had been running to get the cross done, rather than straight ahead as I had wanted him to do.  Thanks to Grace for pointing out the fact that he can only see my feet while he's in the tunnel.

2.  I put in a blind cross between two jumps where there was an off-course option right ahead.  Jonah got it done, but when I did the same section with a front cross it was cleaner and he had a better sense of where he was supposed to go.

3.  I tried layering the weave poles with about a 15' send.  He got the entry but then popped out like, "Mom, why aren't you coming?"  We'll have to keep working on that.

4.  His table was a little weak.  He doesn't want to lie down immediately.  I hope it was just a fluke day.

5.  Jonah's DW contacts were good but not perfect.  A few times he was going so fast he couldn't quite stick the 2o2o, and other times he stopped with all 4 feet on the end of the board, only stepping his front feet down with encouragement.  A few times he was excellent, but I would like it to be more like all the time.

6.  In our first course Jonah let me leave him in the weaves and get in place for a FC after the next obstacle (about 12' away), but in the second course he popped out and I had to stay closer to get the job done.  We had a threadle out of the weaves and, because I couldn't leave him entirely, our line was wider than I would have liked.  Project number next:  work on more weave independence.  

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