Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet Weekend and October Goals

This weekend Jonah, Dave and I joined my parents, my aunt and uncle and my two cousins for a camping trip in the Adirondacks.  Unfortunately it rained most of the time, and it got fairly cool (41 degrees) at night.  On Saturday night, though, we managed to get a fire going despite the drizzle and wet firewood, and we had a great time eating warm food.  Jonah was great except that he wanted to play earlier in the morning than the rest of the family wanted to wake up.  He hiked with his packs and was still running all around and chasing chipmunks, so he didn't seem to mind the weight at all.  It only had inflatable sleeping pads, so it didn't weigh much, but it doubled his width.

Anyway, it's already October so it's time for goals!
We only had three for September:
1.  Attend two USDAA trials where I work to be more relaxed and help Jonah have a good time.  It would be great if we could get two more standard Qs and finish our Starters Standard title, but with our A-frames where they are I'm not going to count on it.  
     Yes!  Jonah was great, except for that one Snooker run at ARFF.  We had two other NQ's thanks to my bad Gamblers planning and a pulled bar, but overall I was thrilled with Jonah's performance at our USDAA trials.  We did get all our Standard Qs, so next time we can enter Advanced Standard!  When I enter him in pairs (and Grace says she thinks she can find me a partner), we'll even have our SAD title. 

2.  Progress towards a running A-frame!  I'm not sure how the timing will go on this, but I'd hope that I could start fading the box by the end of the month.
     I'm really pleased with this, as well.  I haven't faded the box yet, but Jonah's form looks great and the frame is up to full height.  We'll keep working along but I know we're well on our way to much improved A-frame contacts.

3.  Maintain DW 2o2o criteria in all settings.  He may not be perfect when he's high/nervous at a trial, but I need to do my part.

     I did a good job of this and Jonah responded with mixed results.  At ARFF, he ran through his DW contacts, but at Riverside he stuck it beautifully.  In class he's been mostly good but not perfect.  We're working along and I just need to stay firm in my expectations.  At home I want to work on sending him out ahead of me to the contact.  He's getting good with lateral distance and he's fine if I'm ahead, but having him ahead is the next step.

So, looking ahead to October, here's what I'd like to do:
1.  Our first trial this month is this Friday at a new-for-us venue in CT.  My goal is for Jonah to be able to go in and focus without being too nervous.  Also, I'd REALLY like to get the Jackpot Q.  It's been way too long and I need to do everything I can to help him get it.

2.  Things can always go wrong, but we have shots this month at (all CPE):  finishing our level 3 standard title, finishing our level 3 jackpots, finishing level 4 fullhouse and finishing level 4 snooker.  My goal is to do at least two of those four milestones this month.  

3.  I want to take Jonah on some sort of socialization outing at least once each week.

4.  Be able to do the DW, weaves and teeter with 15' lateral distance, being both directly lateral and 5-10' ahead and behind.

5.  Begin to fade A-frame box, ideally get top piece gone by the end of the month.

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