Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry I've been so quiet lately.  Here's what's been going on:

-Jonah's A-frame work is looking great.  I have half a box now (top and one side), and he's great.  The only time I can make him miss is if I'm behind him, where he slows and looks for me, thus trotting down the ramp.  It would be good if he would drive ahead, but for now I'm trying to stay even with him or ahead so he keeps getting repetitions of good footwork.
-I took 6 weave poles away to be able to work on entries without him getting as tired of weaving all the way through 12.  They're doing pretty well.  He still has trouble with the 90 degree entry on the entry side (as in, he'd turn right to weave) unless I'm pretty close to help him.  I'd like to be able to be farther away, but we'll keep working.
-His discriminations are getting a lot better.  I'm pleased.
-I ran a half marathon.
-The independent teeter is improving a lot, although I had a dream about him flying off last night.  Hope that doesn't actually happen.
-We went to PA last weekend and had a great time running and hiking, although a few places didn't allow dogs, and at one point Jonah had to stay in the car while we walked around a lake.  Lame!

As for the last class that I have missed posting about, it was alright but we just couldn't get a few sections done cleanly.  We could make things work, but it felt really discombobulated.  I set up some of the sequences at home and we had no trouble.   I think he's a little slower at home which gives me time to get in place and handle better.  Of course, I'd rather have him be fast!  Anyway, the result was that sometimes I should just do the easy option of handling (like a rear cross) rather than busting my butt to get in a front and being dizzy and unable to handle the next section well.

Today in class I want to be able to get through the courses clean.  We'll see how tall an order that is.

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