Sunday, October 9, 2011

Practice and Video

Today we did more work with discriminations.  Dave was kind enough to video, although trees often got in the way.  I still find the footage valuable, though, and I hope you do too.

He's doing pretty well with these, although you see one 'miss' where I asked for the frame and got the tunnel.  With more work I know we'll nail them consistently.  

His weaves weren't super fast today, but they're solid.  I don't like my flailing arm to cue them--I was pushing him out but my hand's up to the sky.  It's nice to see how silly I look so I can change it!

His entry here is nice and independent.  His teeter's getting better with lateral distance, too (even though this clip doesn't really show that).

His dogwalk was slow, with him trotting down the ramp...

...when I pushed the pace a bit we had some trouble.

That's all for today!

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