Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Discrimination Session

Yesterday I pulled out the tunnel to work on some DW/tunnel discriminations.  Initially it went well but then we got to a frustrating place.  We're going to have to do this more often.

When the tunnel was the close obstacle, Jonah was excellent.  He would drive into the tunnel or up the DW ramp as soon as I said the word.  It was fun to watch him change his path in response to my cue.

Then I put the tunnel on the far side of the DW and suddenly things became much more difficult.  Jonah wanted to do the DW every single time.  To get him in the tunnel I had to physically block the path to the DW.  I thought we were beyond that, but not yesterday, apparently.  After a few failed tries we got to the point where I could push the line farther away and then drift laterally so I didn't run into the dogwalk.  So, that was an improvement but we never got to the point where I could just say tunnel and he would drive out to it.  He needed more physical cues.

Anyway, I'm not super worried, but I do think I need to get the tunnel out more often and practice.  I also think next time I will put him in a stay about 15 feet away from the discrimination, walk past it, release him and give him the verbal cue.  I hope this would get the verbal distinction sharper so he's not so dependent on my body language.

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