Monday, October 10, 2011

Discriminations Take 3

Today we did our third recent discrimination session, and it's still proving to be rather difficult for us!  I flipped the tunnel around in the A-frame and this setup was much better, without trees in the way.  Nonetheless, we had trouble.  Jonah doesn't have tunnel suck per se, nor does he find a magnetic pull towards the A-frame each time.  Often when he makes a mistake he picks the farther obstacle.  I've left the tunnel out there and we'll just keep practicing.

One concern I have is that he's quite sensitive.  When he makes a mistake, I don't do anything to punish him, but even just not saying anything starts to turn him off if he 'misses' the discrimination more than once or twice in a row.  Today I had to take a break from discriminations and go do other fun things a few times before coming back to it.

Another thing that seemed to up the difficulty of the discrimination was to do it more in flow of a short sequence rather than all by itself.  I'll have to keep trying that.

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