Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muddy Paws Preview

This weekend we're headed up to VT for the Muddy Paws trial on Saturday.  Hopefully it goes better than last week.  He always seems to run well at Muddy Paws, though, so I'm optimistic.  I haven't done any agility with him this week for fear that we might have overdone things.  He doesn't appear to be uncomfortable and is running his brains out.  We'll see how class goes tomorrow.

Round 1:  Jackpot Level 3
     It's a non-traditional Jackpot, so hopefully we can get things done.  I'm still fuming about our Jackpot run on Saturday.  There are only 3 other dogs in the class, two of which I know and we can be competitive with.  Hopefully it will be a great start to the day!  I will really go for the Q and not take risks.

Round 2:  Standard Level 3
     We have a long break between the first and second round, and then we have a big Standard class with 6 level 3, 20" dogs.  We're the first dog of the whole class, so hopefully we'll set the bar high for the other dogs!  I'm looking forward to this run.  Hopefully this judge won't be obsessed with discriminations like the judges were last weekend!

Round 3:  Fullhouse Level 5
     When I looked at the order of go, I thought there was a mistake to see a 5 next to Jonah's name, but it's not a mistake!   This is our debut at level 5.  That's exciting.  Since I kind of think we'll phase out CPE after we get our CATCH (which, I realize, is still a really long ways away), it's crazy to think that we're potentially on one of our last 5 fullhouse runs.  Wow. There are three other dogs in the class, so we'll probably even get a ribbon :).  The other funny thing is that Fullhouse won't be any more difficult at level 5 than it was at level 4, so in some ways there's no real change.

Round 4:  Jumpers Level 4
     Jumpers courses are lots of fun and a good way to end the day.  There are four other dogs in our class.  This would be our second Level 4 Jumpers Q, meaning we'd be half way done with level 4 if we got it.  In general Jonah's good at Jumpers courses, but there's always a chance of a knocked bar or something.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend.  It should be lots of fun.

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