Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Up With the Contacts!

Spring break might not be a vacation in the Bahamas, but there are some perks.  The other night it was warm enough that we actually got to camp outside for the first time this year!  I thought it was great, and slept like a log.  I woke up perfectly dry, listening to the sound of light rain on the tent.  How peaceful.  Dave had a different experience.  Being next to the door, he was responsible for handling Jonah's ins and outs.  At first, Jonah wanted to stay outside (we put the tent in the agility area, which is totally fenced).  Most of the time he just lay in front of the tent protecting us and watching/listening to the sounds of the world.  Quite often, though, he would hear a noise or sniff a sniff that was truly irresistible, and his response would be to charge through the woods making humphing and growling noises.  I slept soundly once I fell asleep, but apparently each time Jonah had one of these 'episodes' Dave would wake up.  He tried to get Jonah to come inside the tent, which he typically likes, but this time he wanted none of it.  So, it was a prolonged battle of ins and outs and woofs and growls and little sleep for Dave--but Jonah and I had a fantastic night!

Today was a big day because we brought the contacts outside and put the A-frame up (I'll finish setting up the DW and teeter tomorrow)!  Jonah looked great over the A-frame, and Dave even ran him over it a few times.  I practiced rear crosses and blind crosses.  I did get him to 1-hit-wonder on one of the BCs, but that's the first time he hasn't done a lovely 2 hit in ages.  We'll keep working on blinds now that it's up.  Spring is truly here!

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