Friday, March 30, 2012

Class 3/29

Last night Jonah and I had a fun (as usual) class.  He was back to his rowdy, loud mouth, fast and furious self.  I really don't have that much to say about it, but here's a quick review.

The first course was fun, and we were running beautifully until I tried to make things more difficult than I needed to.  It started with a teeter to a serpentine that he ran smoothly with tight lines.  His DW contact looked good.  His table down was fast and he held it well.  Then we had a 90 degree on side weave entry (the hardest angle for him), which I decided to then rear cross.  He got the entry but then looked back for me as I crossed behind him and he popped out.  Whoops.  The rest of the course ran great.

The second course was a little more complicated, but we still ran it well.  The first time through we had two slightly sticky patches, but overall he was fast and clean.  One sticky patch was a threadle directly into a 180 (back to the first jump).  I worked hard to get ahead so I could do the threadle as a FC, but then I was fully rotated so he was jumping at me as I was completely facing him.  There was also a wall right on the other side of that jump, so I don't think I needed such hard body language deceleration cues. It backed him off a lot.  The second tough spot looked like this:
I wanted him to wrap to the right on landing after 3, and I was worried that if I handled 2-3 with him on my right I would either have to pull his line way wide or he might read it as a RC and turn left.  I decided to try to FC the teeter, handle 2 with him on my left and push to the backside of 3.  It worked, but I didn't converge soon enough and he really did me a favor.  I need to handle better than that.

The second time I tried to FC between 2 and 3.  I had to leave him on the teeter and he popped off.

I would have liked to try it again, as I wasn't happy with the flow either time.

The second time I ran the threadle to 180 sequence he dropped a bar (not sure why), but he was MUCH faster, and it felt great.  I put a BC on the landing of the second 180 jump, and he was flying on to the next part of the course.  Fun!

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