Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Tails Trial Preview

Tomorrow morning Jonah and I are driving up to Maine for a few runs at Happy Tails.  He ran really well there last time, so hopefully it will be another success tomorrow.  Here are our runs:

Round 1:  Jackpot Level 4
    This would be our third level 4 Jackpot.  It looks to be traditional, but at this point my confidence with his distance skills is pretty high.  I think we should be able to get it.  Then again, if the judge is in a tricky mood there are certainly things she could set up that we wouldn't be able to get.  It's the first class of the trial, so I'm hoping she'll be generous :).  Our goal is to plan a fast and flowing opening, get the closing and get to the table without going right up to the buzzer.  This is the venue where we Q'ed in jackpot by .03 seconds.  I don't want to cut it that close this time!  We're one of four dogs in the class.

Round 2:  Standard Level 4
     This is our shot at our 3rd Level 4 Standard.  We're on track to be in level 5 by nationals IF we get all the Q's we've signed up for...going 8/8.  That, unfortunately, seems unlikely, but he's been doing well lately so we'll see.  I think we should be able to get this Q.  There will be a short turnaround between our first and second runs, as they're running low to high levels in Jackpot and then high to low levels in Standard.  It seems a little funny, but I don't think it should be a problem for us.  It looks like we'll be one of 8 dogs in this class.  That's a lot for CPE!  Our goal is first and foremost to get the Q.

Round 3:  Wildcard Level 4
     Like Jackpot, this would be our 3rd Level 4 Wildcard Q, meaning we'd just need one more of each to get to level 5.  This time we'll have quite a long break before we go, but hopefully Jonah can nap happily in the car.  Then I'll wake him up and try to get him good and excited.  I think this trial has duplicate score sheets, so as soon as I can verify our results I'll take off!  For the course, though, I'd like to focus on fun and speed.  It looks like we're just one of 3 dogs in this class.

Then, hopefully we'll get home at a reasonable hour and get some rest, because tomorrow evening we're going back out and going to DogStar for a Gamblers Seminar!  This will be our first workshop and I'm very excited.  Hopefully Jonah won't be completely exhausted!

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